All the core functionalities needed for successful B2B
management, delivered in a simplified, hosted solution!

Aheadworks Commerce Cloud - Finally, an all-inclusive eCommerce Platform!

Сompany Accounts Management

Easily create and manage companies in one place

  • Incentivize your B2B company accounts to open multiple user accounts within your eCommerce store
  • Enable company admins to manage user roles and permissions, set order limits, and redistribute reward points
  • Gather corporate data like VAT id, legal address, company administrator, and more
  • Ability to assign personal sales managers to company
  • Allow a company to use specified/defined shipping options and payment methods
Purchasing Management

A purchasing journey that guarantees simplicity of use

  • Streamline B2B bulk orders by collecting and adding SKUs straight to Cart
  • Deliver simplified, faster shopping experiences with Search autocomplete by SKU and Product Name
  • On-the-fly product configuration and quantity updating
  • Allow customers to reorder previously purchased products
  • Introduce requisition lists, encouraging repeat purchases
  • Rest assured fraudulent purchases will not be made on your online store with enabled anti-fraud filters and protection services in place
Payment Options

Multiple online and offline payments support to offer your customers the most appropriate way to pay for purchases

  • Specify customer groups for each payment method
  • Define unique checkout experiences for B2B, B2C & Hybrid Customer Groups
  • Provide Customers with Credit as a payment method, available at checkout for assigned customers and groups or by a company to encourage sales and repeat purchases
  • Remove checkout friction and payment restriction with NET 30 Terms
B2B Credit Management

Drive growth and build loyal relationships by offering credit to your trusted customers

  • Build long-term sales strategies
  • Indicate the minimum and maximum order totals for customers eligible for a Credit Limit
  • Employ automatic currency conversion for multi-view stores
  • Set automatic email notifications on credit operations
  • Control overdue credit payments
Negotiation Automation
Negotiation Automation

Support business negotiations allowing clients requesting quotes

  • Allow customers to turn a shopping cart into a quote list in one click or vice versa
  • Allow Auto-Approval of quote and include a custom cover message to customer notifications
  • Enable or disable quoting in the admin panel for customer groups or guest users
  • Multiple corporate users may take part in a full cycle of negotiations
  • Specify a default sales representative to manage business quotes
  • Export quotes as .doc or .pdf files
Catalogs in eCommerce

A single entry point for all your product specs

  • Manage all multi-channel listings in one place
  • List to multiple channels directly from Sellercloud
  • Manage product images
  • Set up categories for your products and define their attributes
  • All the relevant SEO tools to promote your products
  • Configure the display of your products on the storefront
  • Enable catalog search through Elasticsearch
Inventory Management

Flexible configuration options to manage inventory globally or per product

  • Track every available product to provide accurate amounts and avoid selling something you don’t currently have in stock
  • As you face refunds or cancellations these products will automatically be put back into available inventory
  • If you stock multiple product types these will be properly managed as it relates to the appropriate shipping method
  • For grouped and bundled products, availability will be shown depending on the availability of all assembly parts
Order Management System

Do not miss a single order with convenient AW B2B Commerce Cloud order management workflow

  • Track how sales order change status gets processed, shipped, and closed
  • Cancel an order any time before the payment is processed
  • Orders grid will give you the visibility of all orders placed, their statuses, and more
  • Issue several invoices for a single order, and collect payments for different parts of the order separately and issue credit memos to process returns
  • Separate transactions grid will show all of the payment transactions that take place between your store and the payment system
Ecommerce Reports

Main business KPIs made available in a single dashboard

  • Detailed reports for sales per product/payment method/location and more
  • Set up and schedule your most important reports to be sent via email, on a regular basis
  • Track conversions, abandoned carts, and overall customer behavior
  • Compare data across different periods of time easily
  • Configure each report to show only data that is relevant for your business
Delivery Management

Fast and easy shipping management to ensure excellent customer service

  • When managing your Inventory in AW B2B Commerce Cloud you can set up sources to provide in-store pickup options
  • Ease of integration with major shipping carriers
  • Show or hide Shipping Methods by Customer Group
  • Extensive shipping settings to specify the point of origin for all shipments, your existing shipping agreements, and delivery to multiple addresses
  • Automatic calculation of shipping rates upon integration with the shipping carrier system
  • Variety of basic shipping methods that are available without the need to create an account with a third-party shipping provider
Build Loyal Brand Advocates

Improve retention and increase revenue by offering benefits to customers

  • Reward customers with points for completing desired actions
  • Give reward points for all purchases made by company users which are stored in the company wallet and can be redistributed by the company admin
  • Attach coupons to newsletters and follow-up emails using custom variables, or send them individually to increase retention rates
  • Handle returns by offering customers store credit in place of real money which will be used towards future purchases, creating new sales opportunities, and keeping sales revenue within the store
  • Create virtual, physical, or combined gift cards to broaden customers' shopping opportunities
Mobile App

Enable purchases via any mobile device

  • Provide quick access to customer accounts without the need to login on to their mobile device
  • Make all personal settings available in the app: favorites, wish lists, personal settings, etc.
  • Display most-viewed and best-selling items to follow your marketing campaigns
  • Place products to cart in one click from product or catalog pages
  • Boost store revenue by enabling in-app purchases
  • Keep customers engaged with the power of push-notifications
Design Tools

Visual representation is one of the important aspects to consider when defining the success of an eCommerce store. Utilize the tools we provide to easily create impeccable designs.

  • Сreate impeccable store design easily with page builder feature
  • Customize style, layout, and other options without any coding by simply dragging and dropping widgets
  • Choose a store theme out of a variety of inbuilt themes
  • Adjust theme design to your taste and your particular business needs
Content Resources

By using our content management tools you can easily collect, deliver, publish, manage and optimize your customers' digital experience on your site.

  • Give shoppers the info they ask for in a highly searchable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of your website.
  • Collect user feedback to your articles with the helpfulness rating system and the dedicated question form.
  • Display articles on the product page to provide more detailed product information, or answer possible questions regarding deliveries/payments plus more, right on the spot.
  • Display product-related blog posts on product pages, and products referenced in the post on the blog page
  • Rest assured that our SEO optimization tools for Blog and FAQ will help you improve your stores’ ratings